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    Road Safety Campaign Uses Cartoon Characters to Warn About Driving While Stoned

    (420Times) Officials in Seattle have launched a new road safety crusade that features familiar cartoon characters from the past that warn citizens of Washington about certain dangers such as driving while stoned on marijuana.

    “Be Super Safe Seattle” is the aforementioned campaign that combines cartoons and law enforcement efforts with hopes of changing the way motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians behave on city streets.

    The public service announcements, which are a part of Seattle’s Road Safety Action Plan, a long-term effort to eliminate all serious and fatal crashes by 2030, feature cartoon characters such as Scooby Doo, Batman, and Spider-Man who are intended to educate the public on unsafe behavior such as speeding, distraction, and driving while impaired.

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    *heavy breathing* we have hte bacon

    dennys what the fuck

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  5. Something’s wrong with my eyes. My vision blurs in and out of focus as I strain to make the two moons floating up in the sky into one.

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    Kurt Cobain, 1991

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    The Golden Trio - first and last scene together.

  10. i was so happy the first time i saw that in the movie. someone needed to knock that little fucker out

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